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At the Murakabay Dive Center you can rent all the diving equipment and our professional guides will take you to the best dive sites in the Maldives.

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Murakabay Maldives

Snorkeling & Excursions: sightseeing for whale sharks, mantas, dolphins, sandbank, picnic trip, fishing trip, local islands sightseeing, snorkeling with divers

Diving: Try Scuba (for beginners), Bubblemaker (for kids), Fun Dives, Diving courses (Beginner and Advanced)

Diving Courses: PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, other courses per request

Coral Restoration: We are part of the Coral restoration project. You can support this environmental preservation activity by growing your own coral on the frame we provide for you and take you to the coral restoration locations. We will periodically update you with photos of your coral growing.

About Some of our Popular Dive sites

Maaya Thilla

The most famous dive site in Maldives. Beautiful pinnacle with a lot to observe. The top reef is 7 metres deep, so even the beginner divers can see a number of reef sharks, schools of anemone fish (maybe you can even find Nemo!), octopus and big soft colorful corals.

The dive for the lower reef goes up to 30 meters for more experienced divers and here you can also see bigger groups of sharks, barracudas, groupers, schools of parrot fish and other rich colorful sea life. Maaya is also a top spot for a night dive where you can see the sea life in its finest hour. Or very sleepy turtles. And very curious stingrays.

Madivaru Corner and Rasdhoo Channel

Another famous dive site near the island of Rasdhoo, where you can observe big groups of sharks, stingrays, eagle rays, Napoleon fish, barracudas, tuna fish, turtles and a hammerhead shark point. Even though this dive site is heavily promoted for hammerhead sharks, these days they are actually very rare and you can mainly see other shark species like reef sharks, white and black tip sharks.

Manta Cleaning Station

In the depth of 12 meters, there is a round-shape of coral blocks where mantas come for their cleaning. The best visibility is early in the morning. At the coral block you can hook yourself for comfortable watching and enjoying the mantas swimming all around you, or if there is no current, you can explore the outer ring of the corals. This dive site is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. There is also a friendly octopus that sometimes comes to say hi to divers and schools of eagle rays and other sea life that come to visit.

Fish Head

Fish Head is a diving site connecting North and South Ari Atoll. The top reef goes to 7 meters and if you are an advanced diver, you can dive up to 30 meters that is allowed at Maldives at the lower reef. The site is famous for spotting a number of shark species - gray reef sharks, white tip, black tip and colorful schools of fish like bluefin trevally, dogtooth tuna, a lot of turtles, murrays and others.

Gangehi Channel

At this dive site we can do the drift/channel dive which makes a very easy and fun dive. If you are lucky, you can also spot a precious leopard shark. This place is famous for its overhangs, groups of reef sharks, sting rays and beautiful corals.

Shipwreck Dive

There are two shipwreck dives in the area, Halaveli Wreck and Fesdhoo Wreck. Halaveli was a 40 m long cargo ship that was sunk in 1991 to serve as an artificial reef. The wreck is covered in corals and you can see a lot of grouper fish, nudibranchs, lion fish or glassfish. The wreck lies in the depth of 27 meters. Fesdhoo wreck also serves as an artificial reef, lies in the depth of 30 meters and is famous for seeing a large school of fish. Inside the wreck scorpionfish like to make their home.


The most colorful dive site thanks to specific soft corals. You can experience big overhangs, three layers of soft corals and large schools of fish like blue striped snappers and elegant mantas. Due to strong currents that are common in the area, we recommend this site for advanced divers.

Other Dive Sites

We also often go to other dive sites like Broken Rock, Batala Maga Kan Thila, Hafsa Thila, Ukulhas Thila, Gangehi North Kandu and others. Let’s plan the right package for you based on your time, interests and experience.

Why choose Murakabay Maldives for your diving?

We are a family-run, PADI-certified Dive Center.At Murakabay we always use new equipment and only top quality brands like Scubapro or Aqualung.Diver safety is always our priority - we use our own pure air compressor and earned a BAUER PURE AIR certification to ensure the best quality of the air. We service all our equipment regularly.Murakabay has professionally trained guides with excellent knowledge of the local environment that will provide the divers with the best diving experience.We use our own two speedboats, so we do not have to rely on other diving groups filling the big diving boats. That makes our planning very flexible, while saving a lot of time during the transfer thanks to fast boats. Thanks to this, we can accommodate both small and big diving groups while giving a personal experience to all the divers.Murakabay is part of an ecological coral restoration program helping restore the sea environment. You can join us on this journey.We take GoPro pictures of our divers for keeping the best memories, with special lighting accessories for depths and night dives.

Best Dive Team in Maldives - The best dive team ever. If you like to explore the Bets Dive site- Maya Thila (not in a hurry) enjoying a every bit of that site Yakko will make sure you stay and enjoy the site. Ari you are my favorite. All I wanted was to see Mantas and Ari made sure I spend 2 days not with…

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Sania Ashraf
Date of experience: August 2022, Trip type: Traveled as a couple

Dive the best spot in Maldives (Maayaa Thila) with the Best Dive Shop in Maldives (Murakabay) - Staying and diving with Murakabay, is the best way to dive the world famous Maayaa Thila Reef.If you are beginner, intermediate or advanced diver the guys at Murakabay has all kinds of dives to meet your needs.

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Shaheen Abdulla
Date of experience: August 2022

Amazing diving, highly recommended - During our stay at Ukulhas we made four amazing dives and also Manta snorkeling trip. You can agree with them what you want to see and nothing is a problem for them. They also recommend to you what is worth to see. Among our group were also non divers and Yakko and Zammikko made…

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Marek S
Date of experience: August 2022

Fantastic diving - Yakko and Zammikko lead the dives with a lot of knowledge and patience. The diving equipment is new and well maintained. Go for the diveside Maya Thila!

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Yan N
Date of experience: August 2022Trip type: Traveled as a couple

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